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The team at SynRJ have a long and distinguished track record bringing Restorative and Relational Processes to individuals and organisations across Education, Residential Care, Families (including Family Group Conferencing / Meetings), Personal and Community Safety, Policing, the Secure Accommodation Sector and wider Criminal Justice System.

SynRJ are Partners of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). We are also recipients of the Training Provider Quality Mark (TPQM) – a quality mark for restorative training providers.

With a wide range of Training,  Events, Workshops and Consultancy Services to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you require assistance, our experienced team will provide you with expert guidance. So, if you require assistance please use our Contact Form and one of our experienced team will be happy to provide you with expert guidance. We look forward to working with you!

We are just coming to the end of one Erasmus + Project and about to embark on another:

RESTORE Project:

SynRJ Directors John and Les have just completed an Erasmus project in which they were the main training and Consultancy Partners. This project was tasked with developing a blueprint for implementing and sustaining Restorative Practices in any organisation throughout Europe. This work has been widely recognised and SynRJ is providing training and support in a number of different European countries. Restore Website 


We are excited to have recently joined a new Erasmus + Project with a different array of partners across Europe. This project is looking to develop both innovate and interactive ways of going beyond just working with and in schools, by engaging with the wider community. Take a look at our new Facebook Page here.

In these unpredictable times, schools and other organisations are being asked to operate in difficult circumstances and address new issues. However, there is still the need to provide a high standard of care and support to those they are responsible for.

Meeting these challenges is proving to be a challenge in itself, and given these new pressures, it would be very easy to overlook the whole area of staff development.

With lockdowns and social distancing in these challenging times, the more traditional form of ‘Face to Face’ training is now often proving problematic.

SynRJ have therefore developed an alternative way of working in the form of online workshops, which have already received very positive feedback.

The content is very similar to the ‘Face to Face’ inputs and in some cases, the logistics of arranging sessions in this way is easier to manage.

Find more details on our Programmes pages.

Our decades of experience informs us, that the successful implementation of Restorative and Relational Processes (RP) relies upon much more than good quality training for staff. It is most likely to be achieved when linked with ongoing consultation and support.

One very useful aspect of such support is SynRJ’s Restorative and Relational focussed use of Professional Learning Groups (PLG). Check out the PLG Tool SynRJ developed for the Restore Project in our free downloads section of the Resources area of the site.