Our Programmes

SynRJ provide a diverse series of Restorative and Relational Processes (RP), Training Courses, Workshops, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Events; plus Consultancy including Professional Learning Groups (PLG’s) and Service Provision, across a wide range of organisational and client needs.

Below you will find listed our standard courses and workshops, and by clicking on them you will find fuller details.

We are also able to deliver bespoke training and workshops across the wide range of specialities in the tick list opposite.

Our Specialities

Informal Processes:
Anti-Bullying Strategy
SynRJ Module 1a

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Informal Processes:
Workplace Applications
SynRJ Module 1b

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Informal Processes:
Community Applications
SynRJ Module 1c

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Formal Processes:
Family Group Meetings:
Engage & Empower Families
SynRJ Module 4

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