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Please contact us to inform us of your particular interests using the Contact Form to enquire / request training courses / workshops. Let us know if you are looking for online, face to face or a combination of both. We can then prioritise our planning according to need.

Teachers Guide and Student Workbooks Training Sessions

These short Online Workshops give attendees instruction and guidance on using the ‘Lost Memories: A Restorative Story Ages 4 to 11’ and the ‘Broken Windscreen: A Restorative Story Ages 11 to 18’ – Teachers Guide and Student Workbooks respectively.

Both workshops consist of two session length choices depending upon the attendees previous training/experience in Restorative and Relational Processes (RP) / Approaches.

Session ‘A’ is 3 Hours and is for those with NO previous RP training / experience. The first hour provides a brief overview of RP and the next two hours covers the use of the Teachers Guide and Student Workbooks plus related downloadable resources.

Session ‘B’ is 2 Hours and is for those with SOME previous RP training / experienceThis session joins session ‘A’ at the end of their first hour and covers the use of the Teachers Guide and Student Workbooks plus related downloadable resources.

Provision of Online
Events and Workshops

In these unpredictable times, schools and other organisations are being asked to operate in difficult circumstances, to address new issues. However, there is still of course the need to provide a high standard of care and support to those they are responsible for.

Meeting these challenges is proving to be a challenge in itself, and given these new pressures, it would be very easy to overlook the whole area of staff development.

Where possible without undermining safe practice and quality, SynRJ now offer an alternative way of working in the form of online workshops, which have received very positive feedback.

The content is much the same as the ‘Face to Face’ inputs and in some cases, the logistics of arranging sessions in this way is easier to manage.

Find more details on our Programmes pages.

Face to Face and Hybrid Training Courses

With lockdowns and social distancing in these challenging times, the more traditional form of ‘Face to Face’ training is now often proving problematic.

Although as described opposite, SynRJ have developed online alternatives for all our Workshops, we are determined to maintain safe practice and quality in our training courses, while still taking into account the need to socially distance, etc.

Therefore, as well as some courses being fully Face to Face, some of our courses will be delivered as a Hybrid, with some content online and the essential elements face to face.

Either way  all courses will be Covid compliant, with Social Distancing and will only go ahead if safe to do so and within current guidelines/restrictions.

Find more details on our Programmes pages.

SynRJ Covid 19 Friendly Training!

Working with you to meet needs safely in these challenging times!