Informal Processes: An Introduction

Relational and Restorative Processes 1-Day Workshop

Informal Processes: An Introduction – SynRJ Module 1

Either socially distanced Face to Face 1-Day delivery OR also available completely online delivery consisting of 4 x 90 minute sessions. 

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Workshop Aim

Thoroughly understand restorative concepts, and learn effective strategies and informal Restorative and Relational Processes (RP) for managing behaviour, building positive relationships and encouraging acceptance of responsibility.


• a stronger community
• positive relationships, even with
challenging youth/students/clients
• improved community climate
• fewer disciplinary referrals
• more instructional/staff/group time


• underlying concepts of
restorative practices
• effective strategies for:
˚˚managing behaviour
˚˚encouraging acceptance of
responsibility for actions
˚˚engaging everyone in their own
behavioural issues and progress

Agenda & Materials

• exercises for practicing
restorative techniques
• videos of actual restorative
practices in use
• accounts from experienced
restorative practitioners
• discussion topics:
˚˚ participants’ experiences
and struggles in
their settings
˚˚ connectedness and
˚˚ youth/student/
client engagement
˚˚ misbehaviour
˚˚ staff roles
helpful text book/handouts

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